About Carman Allen Custom Boots

  • Why Carman Allen?

Owning a pair of custom boots is an exciting experience. Carman Allen will hand-craft a boot tailored to your foot in any leather or skin, toe shape, heel height / pitch and color. The tops can be tall or short, they can be stitched, inlaid, overlaid or tooled. Your choices are unlimited.

Your Carman Allen custom hand-crafted boots are "made to measure." Individual molds are made of each foot, insuring the last is shaped and structured to your exact size. The perfectly fitted last is the basis for the most comfortable and best fitting boot you have ever worn. Carman Allen builds boots for cowboys, cowgirls, cutters, bull riders, ropers, cattlemen, businessmen, executives; anyone who appreciates exceptional fit and fine hand-craftsmanship.

  • Only the Finest.

Carman Allen can design a custom boot that helps express your individuality. Your custom boots can be created in any leather or skin, height and color. They can be personalized with initials, brands, logos or names. If you want it, Carman Allen can create it.

The benefits of a Carman Allen custom boot are many. They come with a warranty, and with proper care, your boots will serve you for years. They provide comfort and will fit you in a way you have never felt in a cowboy boot. Your boots make a statement about the individual you are. Make that statement in a pair of Carman Allen custom boots now.